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Hiring the Right Leadership Talent, The Right Way

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Type: Survey

Number of Respondents: 500+

Target Sample: CXOs, Leadership hiring specialists

Did You Know?

Three and a half months is the average lead time that most organizations take to complete the leadership hiring process, making it one of the biggest challenges.

Top Takeaways:

Companies that use leadership competency frameworks are more likely to have successful leaders.

Most organizations assess personality and behavioral skills during leadership hiring.

Not knowing who to hire and how to hire causes organizations to hire the wrong talent ~50% of the time.

What’s Inside This Report?


The leadership series is a two-part report. This first part is Leadership Hiring, and the second part is covers Leadership Development. It focuses on challenges, trends and best practices of leadership hiring in organizations of different sizes and industries, across the globe.

This report has helped us uncover patterns between ‘how organizations carry out leadership hiring’ and ‘their perceived leadership success rate’. Leadership success rate is a metric based on which organizations measure how effective their leadership is.

What You’ll Learn from This Report

  • Leadership hiring practices that organizations follow and how they are evolving with time.
  • Top challenges that organizations face when looking to fill leadership positions and future problems that they are likely to face.
  • Effective leadership hiring methods that help in identifying top leadership talent relevant for your organization more accurately to increase your chances of achieving leadership success.

Sneak Peek:

Through our research, we were able to identify four major challenges because of which organizations are unable to find the right leadership talent.

  • No internal pipeline of candidates to take up leadership positions
  • Long hiring lead time
  • Inaccurate hiring methods
  • Poor knowledge of who to hire


  • 86% of organizations, globally, anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 3 years.
  • Organizations with a leadership hiring lead time of less than a month have a perceived success rate of 80%.
  • 77% of organizations use talent assessment tools during leadership hiring.

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