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Great Leadership: How to Pass the Leadership Baton?

The leaders of today help build the leaders of tomorrow: Leadership development decoded

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Type: Survey

Number of Respondents: 200+

Target Sample: CXOs, Hiring Experts

Did You Know?

Almost 50% of the present leadership comprises of baby boomers, who are on the verge of retiring, making leadership development an essential undertaking for organizational strategy.

Top Takeaways:

Leadership competency frameworks are essential to give direction to leadership initiatives.

Leadership development is an important step towards succession planning and identifying high potential employees.

A leadership development program that is 6 months or less is more likely to achieve its desired objectives.

What’s Inside This Report?


The leadership of a company is responsible for creating and maintaining a workforce that embodies the company’s mission and vision. In a way, it enables the organization to grow in the right direction consistently. The term leadership development refers to any activity that forms a part of the organizational effort to develop its leadership team. Leadership development involves planning and execution of primarily two tasks – identifying talent that has the potential to lead the organization; retaining and nurturing them to take up leadership roles.

What You’ll Learn from This Report

This report covers leadership development practices that organizations follow, the challenges that they face, and potential best practices that can help companies overcome those challenges.

Sneak Peek

A company’s leadership determines its success to a great extent. Most organizations struggle to create and sustain a strong leadership team. More than 80% of organizations are faced with a leadership talent shortage. Organizations need a continuous supply of capable and dependable leaders that can take the place of the retiring baby boomers and find a way to retain and develop the millennial leaders.

There are two ways to fill these leadership positions- hire new talent from outside or develop existing employees to take up the available leadership positions.

In this second part of the report, we focus on leadership development. You’ll find out

  • Top bottlenecks that organizations face when planning and executing their leadership development programs.
  • Targeted insights on how to carry out leadership development to meet its desired objective.

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- Bhuvi Kathpalia


What’s new in learning and development?

The recent trends in employee learning and development indicate a rise in personalized programs, encouraging the growth of superteams and embracing gamification methods for training.

What are the latest training trends?

Soft skills training, remote upskilling and reskilling programs and a lifelong learning approach define the current corporate training trends.

How can you improve learning and development in the workplace?

Utilizing technology to make L&D more attractive is one of the key ways organizations are improving their training and development methods at the workplace.

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