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Type: Survey

Number of Respondents: 350+

Target Sample: CTOs, CHROs, HRs

Did You Know?

64% of the talent demand for AI/ML developers remains unmet due to the newness of the technology and academic programs being unable to run parallelly with the pace of innovation.

Top Takeaways:

Pay and quality of work, together, contributes to close to 85% of reasons why tech candidates accept a job offer.

Hiring tech talent directly from campuses remains to be the most rewarding sourcing channel, promising a success rate of 67%.

Businesses that use a combination of MCQs and coding simulators to assess the skills of a tech candidate enjoy a 63% success rate.

What’s Inside This Report?


This report aims to make a small dent in the most exciting and challenging landscape of tech recruitment that we are witnessing today. From sourcing to screening to interviewing, each stage in the tech recruitment process is witnessing the use of new technology. This report presents some critical findings around the current tech job market and how organizations carry out the hiring process today and the changes that are in the pipeline going forward.

What You’ll Learn from This Report

This report enables organizations to strengthen their tech recruitment process through the adoption of more scientific and systematic tech hiring practices. It identifies best practices that help address the challenges in tech recruitment by examining the tools and technologies at hand.

Sneak Peek

This report seeks to draw meaningful trends and insights into the challenges that plague the tech recruitment process and the various factors that contribute to technology adoption or lack of it in that process, in companies of different sizes, across the globe.

All the tools and technologies that are most helpful to lead a successful tech hiring process have been correlated to crucial metrics like time-to-hire, offer acceptance rate, and rehiring rate to display effectiveness.


  • On average, organizations interview 11 candidates to fill one tech position.
  • 88% of organizations use a competency framework to guide the course of tech recruitment at every step.
  • 16% of organizations believe that assessing personality, behavior, and cultural fitment is important when hiring tech candidates.
  • 20% of organizations identify a long lead time as one of their biggest challenges in the tech recruitment process.

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