LIVE Demo- Virtual Campus Hiring: All You Need to Know

Explore a detailed guide to virtual campus hiring solutions, as experts take you through the stages of connecting, assessing, selecting, and engaging new graduates.

September 2020

Campus Hiring

45 Mins


Anirban B. Roy@2x

Anirban B. Roy

Chief Revenue Officer, Mercer Mettl

Sharad Sharma@2x

Sharad Sharma

Chief Product Officer, Mercer Mettl

Nachiketa Chandra

Nachiketa Chandra

Director- Product Development, Mercer Mettl

Maria Bryce Fabro

Abhishek Singh

Head- Corporate Operations, Mercer Mettl



This webinar visits the key challenges of virtual campus hiring and offers solutions through a magnified expert lens. The discussion delves into the need of hiring fresh talent in any industry and explores advanced tech-fueled methods of doing so. As the speakers highlight the advantages of digitization and innovation in this area, you will discover inspiring details about new-gen campus recruitment strategies.

Focused on the amazing nuances of advanced virtual recruitment solutions, this session aims to help you break away from the conventional, time-consuming and redundant campus hiring processes. It will also enable you to take a step toward better hiring, using the best technology available. In addition, you will get familiar with a step-by-step virtual campus recruitment process, that can be managed remotely throughout.

What You Will Learn

How to shortlist campuses and conduct virtual drives in multiple campuses simultaneously

How to build a brand connect with students

Rolling out data-backed assessments to remotely screen candidates holistically

Conducting structured video interviews to select the right candidates

Key Takeaways From This Webinar

Conventional campus hiring processes can be challenging to scale and require technology intervention.

Embracing an all-virtual campus hiring strategy can ensure seamless recruitment even during unprecedented scenarios, breaking geographical limitations.

Introduction to Mercer Mettl’s elaborate models for campus outreach

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . How is branding handled in campuses?

A few ways to handle branding in campuses is by hosting information sessions to build on-campus relationships, posting updates and job descriptions on websites, and creating an all-round strategy for digital engagement.

2 . What are the ingredients of the scorecard used to target colleges?

The key parameters that are taken into account when shortlisting campuses include overall college performance, previous year’s placement performance, graduation/degree outcomes, available resources for teaching and learning, research productivity, impact and IPR, outreach and inclusivity, perception, etc.

3 . Do you provide competency framework for jobs outside of India too and curate assessments for these countries?

Yes. We work with clients in 90+ countries curating specialized assessments as per specific client needs.

4 . Do you have any software application that will shortlist candidates base on the job role?

Yes. Our HireTRACK and VidView software will help you shortlist candidates based on their test and interview scores relevant to a specific job role. You can also set up score-wise cut offs wherever required.

5 . What are a few effective ways to attract and engage talent for a startup?

Mercer Mettl offers campus hiring solutions that can also help build your brand through campus engagement. You can use our hackathon platform and campus outreach program to focus on key skills that you need in candidates for a startup.

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