How Can Technology Ensure Continuity in Exams and Learning?

Hear the experts talk about how technology helped IIM Bangalore preserve their academic integrity and conduct online exams with the same quality as in physical examination centers.

April 2020


45 Mins


Professor Jose P.D.​

Professor Jose P.D.​

Chairperson- Digital Learning & Strategy, IIM Bangalore

Durga Prasad Kakaraparthi

Durga Prasad Kakaraparthi

Solutions architecture, Education and governments, Amazon Internet Services

Siddhartha Gupta

CEO, Mercer Mettl



As schools, universities and other educational institutions are closed to comply with social distancing and mobility lockdown measures, education and examinations have taken a massive toll. This insightful session highlights how digital technology has emerged as a savior in this scenario, providing the much favorable alternative to postponing all exams.

The webinar specifically traces the journey of IIM Bangalore in transitioning to the digital mode. In addition, the experts elaborate on Mercer Mettl’s unique offerings that can be utilized for term and entrance examinations, summer internship assessments for final year students, scholarship assessments and quizzes, certifications, and more. The session further unveils how more than 150 institutions including the likes of ISB, Ashoka University, XLRI and IIM B have successfully leveraged these solutions to immense and lasting benefit, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. The webinar will help you understand how easy it is to use these robust systems and the many advantages they have when compared with traditional exam centers.

What You Will Learn

Impact of the ongoing disruption on examinations and learning in universities.

How educational institutes are coping up with the on-ground challenges.

Leveraging modern technologies such as remote proctoring, LMS and suite of examination tools to build continuity in education.

Key Takeaways from This Webinar

The present and future landscape of technology in education.

The necessary behavioral shift to transition to the online mode.

Platforms that preserve academic integrity and ensure continuity in learning and education.

Top Questions from the Webinar

1 . How can students draw graphs, circuits, or complex formulae in an online exam?

Mercer Mettl’s examination platform allows features that support all kinds of questions. From knowledge-based MCQs to upload-type long-answer questions, and even diagrams, application-based questions, A/V answer options, etc. are all supported. Moreover, the test can be customized as per the university/school’s requirement.

2 . What is the internet bandwidth/speed required for an uninterrupted exam experience?

The minimum upload speed required for a webcam proctored test is 512 kbps and for a non-webcam test is 256 kbps. Mercer Mettl has the technology to compress data effectively. Therefore, the required bandwidth is not too high.

3 . Can there be an assessment for descriptive questions?

Yes. However, explanatory answers are not auto-graded but have to be evaluated manually by examiners.

4 . What are the parameters to decide which type of online exam tool is the best?

A good online exam tool or platform should be able to host high-stakes exams securely in a cost-effective, scalable and credible manner. One should choose platforms that can be pre-configured with online proctoring. In addition, they should ensure end-to-end exam management from test creation to real-time reporting, complete with a dedicated admin dashboard for detailed analytics and log and video recording.

5 . Is it possible to limit the time for specific questions?

Yes. Mercer Mettl’s online exam platforms allow these custom settings to ensure all your online exam requirements are fulfilled.

Leverage the best technology to build continuity in education

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