Closing the Skill Gap- Recruit or Reskill?

Closing the Skill Gap- Recruit or Reskill?

This ebook is a comprehensive resource for incorporating the right hiring and development approaches in your organization’s HR system. If you are facing the recruit vs. reskill dilemma, this ebook is your guiding light.

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Top Takeaways

Holistic insights into the changing skill landscape across the globe.

Highlights of modern approaches toward recruitment and reskilling processes.

Step-by-step guidelines for closing the skills gap in your organization.

What’s Inside This Ebook

An Overview

This ebook considers the dynamic nature of the professional skills landscape and paves the way for better recruitment and reskilling initiatives. It offers a series of insights into measures that help in closing the skills gap. This ebook is designed to help you choose wisely between recruitment and reskilling of professionals. From evaluating an employee’s learning agility to several assessment processes, the ebook covers everything you need to know for closing the skills gap in 2020.

What You’ll Learn From This Ebook

This ebook is a definitive guide for getting started with a structured ‘closing the skills gap’ project. This ebook traces the developments in the global skills landscape over the years and offers:

  • A comprehensive framework for identifying apt skills for different job families.
  • Approaches to determine the desired skills level, considering future job relevance and employees’ learning agility.
  • Assessments to analyze the required qualification and growth prospects.

Sneak Peek

This document serves as the ultimate handbook for continually improving your processes for closing the skills gap in 2020. In addition to data-back insights into various training programs and methodologies, this ebook also elaborates on concepts such as:

  • New v/s mature technologies for recruitment and reskilling
  • Job and skill redundancy index vis-à-vis employee learning agility score
  • Creating v/s delivering the right training programs

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