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What are Technical Assessment Tests?

Technical assessment tests or technical skills evaluation are a combination of questions and simulators that gauge a candidate’s technical knowledge, competencies, and expertise. These tests are industry-specific and customizable to suit an employer’s requirement. Technical skills assessments are very helpful in recruiting for sectors like marketing, IT, sales, operations, and corporate functions among others.



Mercer Mettl offers a range of solutions to meet various technical assessment requirements. Companies can explore a standardized library of pre-built tests, benchmarked to extensive job roles and competencies. A combination of role-based assessments, spread across work levels and industries further make it easier to choose and customize the assessment batteries for recruitment and L&D initiatives in an organization. This page will introduce you to resources that cover all these nuances in extensive detail

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Assessments to Assess Functional Knowledge

A good technical assessment test goes beyond MCQs to ensure a holistic evaluation of a candidate’s capabilities. These holistic assessments comprise of a battery of objective-type questions, caselets, and simulators. All of them come together to analyze a diverse range of skills and sub-skills, as well as problem-solving and analytical abilities in a real work-life scenario.

A technical assessment that is relevant to the context of a job role ensures a more efficient evaluation of technical skills as opposed to standardized pre-built tests alone. Hence, it is important to have a combination of test types that offer holistic insights into a candidate’s abilities.

The ultimate goal of using custom technical skills assessments is to ensure a structured and scientific approach that covers the gamut of skills and subskills essential for every technical competency.



This page offers elaborate insights and links to useful resources for understanding the benefits, uses, and methodology of technical assessment tests. Hence, it is a very useful reference point for employers and HR managers. Feel free to use this page as an index to explore relevant solutions, information, reports, guidelines, and more.

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